Our Corporate Team

Tom Jacobsen, President and CEO

Captain Thomas A. Jacobsen has more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry. As the third-generation President of Jacobsen Pilot Service, Inc., he exclusively serves the Port of Long Beach, as well as all of the San Pedro Bay area and the Seal Beach Naval Base.

At age 19, Jacobsen obtained his first U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) license to operate the Long Beach Pilot Boat. He then graduated the California Maritime Academy with USCG Unlimited Third Mates License and a Bachelor of Science in Nautical Industrial Technology. Five years later, after working on a variety of ocean going ships, he achieved his USCG Unlimited Master Mariners License and his Unlimited First Class Pilotage Endorsement for Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim Bay. After completing the Pilot Training program he transitioned into management.

Under Thomas A. Jacobsen’s leadership, Jacobsen Pilot Service (JPS) became the first and only ISO 9001 certified piloting service in the United States—a quality management system and customer service distinction. JPS has been instrumental in developing and implementing state-of-the-art technology routinely used in daily operations, such as: shore based radars, highly accurate range lights, and high precision carry aboard Differential Global Positioning System. Jacobsen is also instrumentally involved in the local Vessel Traffic System, a unique partnership between private, non-profit, city government, and federal government.

Active in several organizations, Jacobsen has acted as past president and chairman of the Marine Exchange Los Angeles and Long Beach, and continues to serve on the board. He is also a member of: the Propeller Club; the Harbor Association of Industry and Commerce; the FuturePorts Association; the Long Beach Pilot Advisory Committee; and Vistage, an international organization of CEOs.

John Strong, VP

Captain John Strong is Vice President of Jacobsen Pilot Service, where he became a pilot in 1982.

After graduating from the California Maritime Academy in 1973, Captain Strong obtained diverse experience in the oceanographic research, offshore supply vessel, and coastwise tanker segments of the maritime industry, as well as during his time as a marine cargo surveyor. He has worked in every deck position, from Able–Bodied Seaman to Master. He was appointed Vice President in 1997.

As Chairman of the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor Safety Committee, it is his pleasure to sit on the Executive Steering Committee of the Central California Area Maritime Security Council, representing the “water side” of port stakeholders.

Captain Strong was born and raised in the seaside community of Mission Beach in San Diego and has spent his entire life on or near the ocean. He is married with three grown daughters and a teenage son.

Mark Coynes, Operations Manager

Captain Mark Coynes is the Operations Manager of Jacobsen Pilot Service, where he began piloting in 2001.

Captain Coynes received a B.S. degree, with honors, in Nautical Science from the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York in 1983. Upon graduating, he started serving on his deck license. After a short time in the fishing industry, based in Southern California, he began a career as a Deck Officer for a US Flag Tanker Company, before moving on to become a Master on Coastwise, Inter-coastal, and Foreign Trade Routes. In addition, Captain Coynes served as a shore side consultant for a major oil company and law offices.

Captain Coynes currently holds an Unlimited Master License upon Oceans and First Class Pilotage for Los Angeles/Long Beach and Anaheim Bay.

Captain Coynes was born in Santa Monica, California and raised with a passion for the ocean, including his hobbies: fishing, diving, and boating.

Nancy Brennan, Secretary/Treasurer

Debbie Correa, Secretary