Customer Service

There is no pilot service in the world that is more committed to customer satisfaction and innovation as Jacobsen. In 2000, the forward-thinking company became the first and only piloting company in the United States to become ISO 9001 certified. In order to meet the stringent standards of quality management, Jacobsen Pilot Service (JPS) formalized all of its policies. In turn, shipmasters have consistently rated JPS number one in customer service.

As the only privately run corporation pilot service in the United States, JPS has incredibly high standards—and views shipping lines as valued customers. By having pilots who own stock in the company, JPS ensures that every member of its team has a vested interest in customer service, safety, and efficiency. It’s no wonder that shipping executives and captains insist on Jacobsen Pilots. Customers can expect their JPS Pilots to be on time, every time, and offer high-quality service.

The unsurpassed reputation of JPS makes it the perfect fit as ambassador of California. Since a pilot is typically the first American a foreign ship captain sees, JPS proudly represents the port, the city, and the United States.

Quality Policy

"“At Jacobsen Companies, we are committed to providing superior pilotage, vessel traffic management, and survey and consulting services to our customers. We strive to comply with all requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, which defines the way we do business. We accomplish this by listening to our customers’ needs and requests. Our employees are among the most capable in the industry. They are provided with the training and technology necessary to set the standard in achieving customer satisfaction in our industry." ~ Thomas A. Jacobsen

Jacobsen Pilot Service, the first and only piloting company to become ISO 9001 certified in the United States, is all about customer service.